Referee beheaded after stabbing player in Brazil football match


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A referee was beheaded by an angry mob after he stabbed a player during an argument at an amateur football (soccer) match in Maranhão, a northeastern state in Brazil. Josenir dos Santos Abreu, a 30-year-old player, approached the referee, 20-year-old Octavio da Silva, to dispute a call. An argument ensued, with da Silva ordering Abreu to leave the field. Abreu refused and da Silva fatally stabbed him. Friends and family of Abreu who were in the crowd rushed the young referee. They stoned him, then butchered his limbs and hacked off his head, which they then left on a pike in the field. Abreu was rushed to a hospital, but died before arriving. One man, Luis Moraes Souza, has been arrested in connection with the gruesome attack, and police are on the hunt for two more suspects. The incident comes less than a year before Brazil will host the World Cup.
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