Reddit takes Tencent cash, sparks user backlash

Taiwan #1.


NSFW    SAN FRANCISCO — Last week reports came out Chinese tech monstrosity Tencent would be investing $150 million in Reddit.

China—for those who have been living under a rock—has the greatest internet. The only problem? It doesn't actually connect to the outside world and comes with just a pinch of censorship.
By opening the doors to Chinese money, Reddit basically killed its own karma.

According to the BBC, the proposed selling out prompted swift backlash from users who still see the site as a bastion of free speech.
It's unlikely that Tencent will be able to make any decisions as to the type of content that is posted on the site, but that hasn't stopped hilarious memes and protest messages from exploding all over the platform.

In China, any mention of Taiwan, Tibet, Tiananmen Square and Winnie the Pooh over their INTRANET is a no no.
So naturally, Reddit users have been plastering the site with posts mentioning Taiwan, Tibet, Tiananmen Square and Winnie the Pooh and up voting the hell out of them.

Reddit is thought to be valued at around $2.7 billion, so $150 million is far from total control.
Chinese money might not come with strings attached, but that's only because they're built in.
What happens if Trump declares an emergency to build his wall?

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