Record-breaking Koi Fish sold in Japan for $1.8MILLION

A koi fish has been auctioned of in Japan for $1.8 million, becoming the world's most expensive live fish ever sold.


NSFW    HIROSHIMA, JAPAN — A Koi fish was sold in Japan for $1.8 million, making it the most expensive fish ever sold.

The red and white fish was sold at the Sakai Fish Farm Auction in the Japanese city of Hiroshima earlier this year. The koi fish was of the Kohaku variety and is 101 cm in length, according to the Daily Mail. It was also prized because it won the All Japan Koi Show last year.

Apparently, it was purchased by a woman named Yingying from Taiwan. The woman now has the chance to breed the prized fish and sell its eggs.She also has the option to enter her newly bought Koi fish into more future competitions.

Koi fish tend to live upto 25 years and can produce up to 500,000 eggs.
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