Read the chilling suicide notes left by Florida teens who gunned down innocent cop before committing suicide


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Florida police have released on Wednesday, March 26, the chilling suicide notes of teenagers Alexandria Hollinghurst, 17, and Brandon Goode, 18, who allegedly killed a cop before killing themselves.

Hollinghurst lived with her parents Tom, 41, and Jane, 49, and younger sister Hannah, 11, in Davenport, near Orlando.

According to New York Daily News, the notes show Hollinghurst’s frustrations and hard feelings towards her mother accused to be too self concerned and ignorant to understand how she felt.
In notes to her younger sister and father she showed love and apologized for her acting.
Florida police also released a timeline reconstructing the events leading up to the teen’s deaths on Saturday.

According to ABC News, on March 20 the two teens escaped with Goode’s car which was tracked by police at a Walgreens parking lot in Kissimmee, WFTV reported. Officers approached the vehicle pointing their guns at the couple to ask them to get out of the car, but Goode dashed his SUV through the lot nearly striking one of the officers and a family pushing a stroller.

The next day, suburban Orlando cop Robert German attempted to stop the couple in Windermere, as they walked along a road. He was allegedly shot to death by the teens before they turned the gun on themselves.

Despite the suicide notes, Hollinghurst’s family and friends are still claiming on social media that Goode likely murdered the 17-year-old before turning the gun on himself.

New documents also released by authorities shed light on Goode's violent past. According to WFTV, he was charged in 2012 with assault after threatening his mother with an ex and a few weeks ago he was arrested together with Hollinghurst.

Investigators are now trying to find out how and why the couple went to Windermere.
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