Rare mandarin duck mysteriously pops up in NYC

Social media is obsessed with a rare mandarin duck, which mysteriously popped up in New York's Central Park in October.


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NEW YORK CITY — There's a hot new celebrity in the ponds at Central Park, and obsessed New Yorkers are all lining up to see him.

The BBC reports that back in October, Manhattan Bird Alert directed the city's collective attention to a lone mandarin duck that seemed to have suddenly showed up among the city's usual waterfowl - catching eyes with its multi-colored mohawk, pink bill, and orange sail feathers.

The rare bird is native to East Asia, so the fact that it's in the middle of the Big Apple is a bit of a mystery.

Eagle-eyed watchers who spotted a tag on its leg thought it may have escaped from somewhere, but the Central Park Zoo claims it's not theirs, reports CNN.

It's possible the bird came from a private owner. Then again, it's illegal to have a pet duck in New York, so not like anyone's gonna come forward.

The brightly colored rock star has been attracting huge crowds of locals and tourists alike, and has since become a social media phenomenon.

Not only does the Mandarin have its own hashtag and Twitter account, it's also inspired numerous artistic tributes.

Like New York Magazine said, it's definitely the city's most eligible bachelor.
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