Rare flesh-eating sexually transmitted disease found in UK

A rare STD, usually found in tropical countries, has been diagnosed in the UK for the first time.


NSFW    UNITED KINGDOM — A rare sexually transmitted disease which causes the genitals to break out into flesh eating ulcers has been found in the UK for the first time, reports The Lancashire Post.

The STI is called Donovanosis, and is usually found in tropical regions such as southeast India, Guyana and New Guinea.

The infection usually occurs in the genital area, however it could also appear around the nose, mouth, and chest.

If a person goes without treatment, the ulcers could increase in size.

Shamir Patel, a pharmacist, told Liverpool Echo, that antibiotics could potentially be used to treat the disease.

He said the STI is a "rare and nasty condition" which causes lesions and skin disintegration as the flesh basically eats itself and "literally rot away."

However, he said the disease is going untreated in the early stages due to to it being so uncommon in the UK.
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