Raccoon unstuck from sewer grate after 2 long hours

Massachusetts firefighters spent two hours trying to free a raccoon whose head was very firmly stuck in a sewer grate.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS — It took practically a village to rescue a raccoon that found itself in a bit of a tight spot.

According to the Washington Post, a man cycling to work called the Newton Fire Department Thursday after spotting the four-legged critter with its head poking out of a sewer grate.

The poor thing had already been stuck for a while at that point. Even though no one knows how, we're pretty sure food is involved.

Firefighters responded to the scene intending a 99% effective slip n' slide-out with soap and water. It didn't work, and only left a very wet n' wild raccoon.

Next, rescuers lifted the grate out and swaddled the fury guy in bandages in an attempt to decompress its body and squeeze it out. That didn't work either, and just made the little dude even more distressed.

Eventually, firefighters called in a vet to sedate the very not chill Rocket, and the two-hour rescue saga ended with the animal finally being freed.

Waltham Animal Control later posted a Facebook update saying the raccoon had been released back into the wild.

Here's hoping he learns his lesson and stops squeezing into tight spaces.
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