Queen's guard pushes annoying Chinese tourist out of the way

The video was first uploaded on Chinese social media, but it quickly gained worldwide popularity.


NSFW    WINDSOR / UNITED KINGDOM — A video showing a supposedly Chinese tourist shoved by a member of the Queen's guard has gone viral.

The woman crossed the barrier preventing visitors from entering the prohibited area of the castle grounds to take a photo. The Queen's guard firmly pushed her before continuing his way.

The short video was uploaded two weeks ago on Chinese social media Weibo, but it didn't mention the date of the incident. The original post — that has since been deleted — called the guard out for his "arrogance".

BBC reporter Tim Hague reshared the footage, and tried to explain to Chinese netizens that the Queen's guard is an elite unit with very strict rules.

The video also quickly gained popularity on Western media, reaching nearly 800,000 views on Youtube. Most netizens approved the guard's reaction, and blamed the tourist for not respecting the rules.

Chinese travellers are regularly pointed out for their bad behavior when travelling abroad, which led the government to issue a 'Guide to Civilised Tourism and Travel' in 2013.
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