Quasars literally blasts stars away before they can be born

Scientists say quasar radiation tears through interstellar space and lays waste to star-forming materials like tsunamis do on Earth.


NSFW    BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA — Quasar black holes emit radiation so powerful that they can prevent star formation in the surrounding galaxy, according to a study in the Astrophysical Journal Supplementary Letters.

Writing on behalf of co-author Nahum Arav, a Virginia Tech press release says quasar outflows rip through interstellar space to generate intense light and heat. The quasar radiation blasts away matter that is needed for birthing stars.

The radiation emissions dubbed quasar winds blow hundreds of solar masses of material away each year. According to Science Alert, quasars spend billions of years in this violent state before maturing into more conventional black holes.

According to the research team, it is a scientific puzzle that the universe does not have bigger galaxies or more numerous stars than it actually possesses. They say quasars at the core of elliptical galaxies could be part of the answer.
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