Puppy takes crosswalk after seeing jaywalker hit by car

Looks like even puppies know to look both ways before crossing Chinese streets.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

SUZHOU, CHINA — A puppy in eastern China has become quite the viral sensation for being a stickler when it comes to traffic safety rules.
CCTV footage released by Suzhou traffic police from September 7 shows a jaywalker carelessly start to walk diagonally across an intersection.
At the same time, a small white puppy can be seen approaching the intersection from across the street.
The jaywalker, surnamed Wang, only makes it a few steps before a small compact car drives up and gives Wang a little love tap, sending him head over heels.
After watching that whole scene unfold, our four-legged little friend makes his way over to the crosswalk.
The puppy clearly knows that Chinese streets are no joke, so he takes a second to look both ways, letting a few people with scooters scoot by.
The little pooch then uses the crosswalk to safely cross the street in one piece.
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