Puppy choking on food rescued by local police and firefighters

Responding officers rushed over and noticed a 9-week-old puppy was choking on food.


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NORTH READING, MASSACHUSETTS— Officers in Massachusetts are getting praise for rescuing a puppy who was choking on food.

The incident began when dog owner Megan Vitale was seen on North Reading Police Department's CCTV rushing into the station looking for help as her 9-week-old St Bernard pup Bondhi was choking on food.

Officers rushed over and noticed the puppy was not breathing, instead, it was limp and unresponsive.

One of the officers, Jorge Hernandez wrapped his hands around the puppy and started pumping away at the pooch's chest. Firefighters also joined in to help dislodge the obstruction.

The lucky pooch was revived and later left with its owners, who made sure it got the necessary treatment at the vet.
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