Puppy abandoned in airport bathroom with note from owner

The handwritten note explains that the owner was trying to escape an abusive relationship, which ended with her 3-month-old dog being kicked in the head.


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LAS VEGAS — A 3-month-old puppy left alone in a Las Vegas airport bathroom this week is now looking for a better home.

Chewy the miniature chihuahua was found with a note in McCarren Airport. The letter tells the sad tale of his owner trying desperately to escape an abusive relationship, left with no choice but to leave the puppy behind. The handwritten note explains that the owner was involved in some sort of domestic dispute with her boyfriend. It also noted that little Chewy was caught in the middle of the fight, and allegedly received a kick to the head from the enraged boyfriend.

Running for her life, the owner supposedly rushed to McCarren Airport with Chewy in hand. In the note, she mentions that she she couldn’t afford the cost of getting the dog on the flight, and instead decided to leave him in the airport bathroom, hoping a compassionate soul out there would find him, get the bump on his head checked out, and give him a loving home.

Chewy’s sad story was posted to Twitter on July 3 by local NBC News reporter Nathan O’Neal. A local dog rescue has since taken him in until it’s able to find him a new owner.
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