Pup dropped from CIA after losing interest in bomb-sniffing job

Lulu the labrador was recently fired from the CIA after she became uninterested in carrying out her job of sniffing out explosives.


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LANGLEY, VIRGINIA — An adorable labrador puppy recently got dropped from the CIA after realizing the job wasn't her true calling.

According to the CIA blog, Lulu the black labrador retriever had been scouted by the agency a few weeks back, and was being trained to sniff out explosives.

As one of six female labs on this year's CIA puppy class, Lulu seemed to be enjoying her valiant new role saving lives...at least at first.

Before long, the pup began looking tired and sad, and not at all excited to contribute to society. It soon became clear the bomb-sniffing life wasn't for her.

Off days are apparently a thing, even for dogs, though they get back into the groove after some extra playtime or rest.

But Lulu could not care less about saving the hoomans from things that go kaboom. Can't say we blame her. Who wants that when you can run and frolic and get belly rubs?

In the end, Lulu got cut from the team, but was adopted by her handler and now spends her days living the dog life. The only things she sniffs out now are bunnies and squirrels.

Congratulations, dog. Here's hoping the rest of us can muster up the courage to leave the misery of the daily grind and just run wild.
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