Pug owner suing dogsitter after discovering 6 inch gash on pet's neck

Sydney resident Jackson Millan is pursuing legal action against a self-proclaimed dogsitter whom he met online after his pug Otis was left with a horrific 6-inch gash and infection on its neck.


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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — An Australian man wants to sue his dogsitter after the latter allegedly took such poor care of his dog that it resulted an awful gash in the pooch's neck. The owner of the canine shared graphic pictures of his pet's injuries on social media.

Sydney resident Jackson Millan went on the website Mad Paws to find someone he could leave his pets with so he could go on a 6-week vacay to Brazil. After meeting a man named John Walsh through the site at a dog park, then visiting his home, Millan said he felt he could safely leave his pug Otis and boxer Dobby with him, Australia's 7 News Online reported.

During his vacation, Millan kept asking for updates about his pets, but was only met with endless excuses. Finally Millan received a picture showing Otis with his harness on, and what looked like nasty stains around it as if it had never been taken off.

After Millan pushed Walsh to take the dog to the vet, it was revealed that Otis had a deep 6-inch gash across his neck. Apparently his harness had been left on for three weeks, and the friction from the leash is what caused the deep, life-threatening wound. The vet reportedly told Millan that the infection was so bad it could be smelled from across a room.

Millan later put together a GoFundMe page to raise money in order to pursue legal action against Walsh, and to expose him for allowing Otis to endure such pain for so long.

Otis and Dobby were later placed under the care of Millan's mother, where Otis's condition improved. However, he will most likely still require surgery after the infection is under control. Meanwhile, Millan has already reported the situation to Mad Paws, the police and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
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