Protesters in Kiev built trebuchet to fire at police


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Anti-government protesters in Kiev built an improvised trebuchet to launch rocks and firecrackers at the police.

A group of masked men built the instrument over the course of Monday (January 20) while onlookers captured and tweeted images of the construction. The trebuchet was later destroyed by police.

The protests in Ukraine turned violent again on Sunday after some 10,000 people took to the streets to rally against of new laws limiting public protests. Clashes broke out between riot police and the protesters in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev. Thirty police and 10 protesters were reportedly hospitalised for injuries.

Protesters in Kiev used wooden planks to fashion the rudimentary trebuchet’s frame. A spear was used as the pivoting axle to which the launching arm was attached. Rocks were loaded into a helmet attached to one end of the launching arm, while heavy sacks were attached to the other end as a counterweight. Force from the dropping counterweight swung the launching arm and ejected the rocks. The trebuchet reportedly hurled projectiles over a distance of 70 metres.
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