Professor who wrote hoax papers could be fired from college

Professor Peter Boghossian says Portland State University has started disciplinary proceedings against him.


NSFW    PORTLAND — Professor Peter Boghossian says Portland State University has begun disciplinary proceedings against him for writing a whole mess of hilarious hoax papers.

According to the Willamette Week, Boghossian and two other colleagues submitted more than two dozen satirical papers to feminist theory and race-studies journals in an attempt to expose how easily it was to get published in legitimate peer-reviewed academic papers.
Boghossian's papers claimed to look at things like the rate at which Portlanders interrupted dogs getting it on at the park. They were meant to mock gender studies, race studies and feminist theory by showing how the top journals in those fields had extremely low standards for publication.
Seven of the fake papers were accepted by actual journals and four were published online.
Well, now his university is upset and wants to get him fired because of all the heat and attention the papers have brought to PSU.
What do you think? Should Boghossian get fired or tenure?
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