Procter & Gamble actually thinks it can trademark LOL, NBD and WTF

No seriously, WTF!?


NSFW    CINCINNATI, OHIO — Get ready to LOL because the innovators over at Procter & Gamble have actually applied to trademark acronyms that are super common when texting.

According to the BBC, if approved, terms including “LOL” (Laugh Out Loud), “NBD” (No Big Deal) and even WTF could be used to market P&G junk.

The company plans to use the terms to market soap, detergents and air fresheners to millennials, who don’t waste time with P&G garbage.

P&G registered the trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office in April.

The household cleaning crap company seems to think that if someone under 35 sees a product branded with some slang they’ll shell out the money. LOL.

The applications haven’t yet been approved.

You can already picture the commercials. A young cisgendered millennial walks into the bathroom and drops a huge log. OMG that smells. NBD isn’t going to clean that up. That’s going to need some WTF … LOL that worked amazing. P&G is the best.
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