Private companies to put telescope on the moon by 2015


NSFW    Private companies Moon Express and the International Lunar Observatory have announced plans to set up a 2m telescope on the moon to observe the galaxy. The smaller ILO-X, a 2kg telescope the size of a shoe-box, will be delivered to the moon aboard the inaugural mission of the Moon Express lander in 2015.

The telescopes will be positioned on Malapert mountain at the lunar south pole. A position that offers sunlight for 90 percent of the time, and is free from atmospheric interference.

The ILO-X will capture images of stars, planets and other galaxies and make them available to educators, researchers and the general public in an effort to make space exploration open to all.

The full-sized 2m telescope is scheduled to be delivered by 2016.

Moon Express has said it will also use the mission to explore the area around the lunar South Pole for mineral resources and water.
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