Privacy fears as Apple shifting iCloud data and keys to China

China's found another way to get even more user data.


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BEIJING — China-based iCloud users' data will be stored in servers based in the People's Republic of China from the end of February.

Apple will move China-based iCloud users' data and keys from its servers in the U.S. to China. The company told Reuters this to comply with Chinese law.

If a user's Apple device is connected to an iCloud account, it typically backs up such as photos, emails, messages, contacts and other information. From the end of February, Chinese authorities will be able to issue Apple with a warrant to access this data.

According to Reuters, this only applies to users who set their home as China. Users in Hong Kong and Macau are not affected.

The data will be stored on servers of state-controlled firm Guizhou-Cloud Big Data. Many are concerned how this will impact Chinese users' privacy, reported Reuters.
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