Pregnant teenager killed in train accident during railway photoshoot

Last Friday, Navasota, Texas teenager Fredzania “Zanie” Thompson was killed by a freight train during a photoshoot. She and her fiance had only found out she was pregnant just days earlier.


NSFW    NAVASOTA, TEXAS — Last week a pregnant Texas teenager was killed by a freight train while taking part in a railway photoshoot.

Fredzania “Zanie” Thompson had always dreamed of being a model. According to local Navasota newspaper The Eagle, last Friday she and a friend of a friend decided to take photos on near a railroad. They were shooting where two tracks met.

Thompson moved across the tracks to avoid an oncoming train, only to be struck by another locomotive coming from the other direction. Thompson died while being transported to a local hospital, reported The Eagle.

She and her fiance Darnell Chatman had only found out Thompson was pregnant just days earlier. She was 19 years old and would’ve been 20 this Monday.

A Go Fund Me page set up to help with Thompson’s funeral costs notes that “she was one of the most beautiful, caring people you could ever meet.”
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