Powdered water may be answer to drought crisis


NSFW    Solid Rain may just be the answer to millions of farmers plagued by recurring droughts. In its normal state, Solid Rain, made up of an absorbent polymer called potassium polyacrylate, looks like sugar. Potassium polyacrylate transforms from powder state to a clear jelly when mixed with water. It can hold the absorbed water for up to a year. Even when the substance is mixed with soil, water is only released when a plant's roots extract it.

This magical powder was created by Mexican chemical engineer Sergio Rico, who has put his invention to solve Mexico's drought problems. Farmers who use Solid Rain are said to have increase their yields by 300 percent. Mexico has been using this product for the past decade, but the world only became aware of it last year, when Solid Rain was approved for sale in the U.S.
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