Popular Japanese adult entertainment stars prohibited from entering Taiwan


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Popular Japanese adult film actresses including Akiho Yoshizawa (吉澤明步), Yui Hatano (波多野結衣), Hibiki Ohtsuki (大槻響), Meisa Chibana (知花梅莎), Yui Fujishima (藤嶋唯) and Ai Haneda (羽田愛), have reportedly been prohibited by Taiwan’s National Immigration Agency from entering the country due to allegations that they are traveling here to provide sexual services.

It started in November last year, when ads sent were out via popular mobile messaging app LINE in Taiwan stating that Japanese AV star Ai Haneda would visit the country to provide sexual services. The ads included pictures taken from Haneda’s sex scenes in adult films, and the price, an estimated US$2,300 per hour. Concerned these ads might be true, Taiwan’s immigration authorities reportedly blacklisted Haneda, along with several other Japanese adult video actresses.

All of the abovementioned actresses have denied the allegations. Hatano said on Twitter that she always has a proper work visa each time she works in Taiwan and that her agents select their corporate partners in Taiwan carefully. She also said that she posts her photos on Twitter and Facebook and has never heard of any work related to the ads.

Ohtsuki was quite surprised by the rumors and is now concerned about getting arrested in Taiwan when she is scheduled to work in the country later this month.
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