Popeyes workers spotting making chicken sandwich on trash can



NSFW    FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA — As Popeyes chicken sandwich continues to cause chaos in overcrowded lines across America, it looks like things are pretty nuts behind the scenes as well.
Stomach-gurgling photos obtained by TMZ show Popeyes workers at one restaurant in Fairfax actually putting the sandwiches together over a garbage can in the kitchen.
TMZ reports that the snaps were taken last Friday and show one employee working like a maniac slapping them together on top of a tray that was resting on top of a trash can—YUMMY!
According to the owner of the franchise shop, the restaurant had only been open a few days, and then it happened to get hit with a 100 chicken sandwich order.
The owner also tried to shift the blame, telling TMZ that all the employees were brand new and didn't know any better. He also said the trash bin was empty at the time. Oh—that's reassuring.
He has since ordered a table which arrived this week, so unfortunately, no more trash can chicken sandwiches.
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