Popeyes chicken sandwich is causing traffic mayhem in Jersey

The notorious Popeyes chicken sandwich is causing massive traffic in New Jersey.


NSFW    RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY — Traffic in Jersey is a heckuva lot more brutal than usual, and it's all thanks to the chicken sandwich everyone and their mother wants to get their hands on.

According to the Bergen Record, insane demand for the chicken sandwich at a Popeyes in Rutherford, New Jersey is causing traffic to back up all the way to a state highway. It's extra horrible during rush hour.

The location shares a single driveway with Starbucks, so it's always been a headache. But now that the caffeine junkies have been joined by chicken sandwich fanatics, it's a nasty migraine.

Rutherford police have had it, and put up an electronic sign outside the Popeyes that says "A sandwich isn't worth a ticket. Do not delay traffic."

Basically, people would rather wait a lifetime at the drive thru and inconvenience a whole city just so they don't have to get out of the car. Meanwhile, going inside and picking the sandwich up themselves takes all of 10 minutes.

For real, people need to get up, get going, and get over themselves. Some of us have places to be and better food to eat.
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