Pollution-induced stress could prove fatal, Chinese research shows

New research from China shows a connection between air pollution and higher stress levels.


NSFW    SHANGHAI — New research posits that increased stress hormones from long-term exposure to pollution are connected to conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Scientists at China's Fudan University placed 55 students in two groups with functioning and malfuctioning air purifiers inside student dormitories in Shanghai. They observed them over 12 days before swapping the purifiers, then tracked the students for another nine days.

Students exposed to dirtier air had increased stress hormones, blood sugar, high blood pressure, poor response to insulin and other ailments, Reuters reported, citing the study. All of these can result in cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes.

Students in the group with cleaner air — which meant exposure to only half the amount of pollution — were all found to have had a reduction in stress levels.
The study was published this month in the journal Circulation.
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