Police use Facebook updates to track woman charged with killing child


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Stupid criminals: A drug addict on the run from police was arrested on charges of intentional injury in her child’s death after police in Keelung, Taiwan tracked her down by following her Facebook updates.

“She was sad and in pain so she was reluctant to face it,” her husband said in an interview. “I told her about the consequences if she failed to appear in court ... But look at my poor kid, why do people still attack her [my wife]?”

Police said they were able to track and arrest 27-year-old Chen Hsiang-yin (陳湘吟) by viewing her Facebook check-ins. They caught her on December 26 walking her dog and fishing with her husband on Hoping Island in Keelung Harbor.

In August 2011 Chen’s four-month-old daughter died after a fall. The prosecutors found multiple fractures and wounds on the infant’s body. Chen admitted that she abused her child while she was high on drugs.

She was charged with “intentional injury” to the child in April 2012 and was identified as a wanted criminal after she failed to appear in court several times.
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