Police seen punching teen during arrest in disturbing video

A video circulating around social media shows New Jersey police punching a teen boy in the head during a violent arrest.


NSFW    DOVER, NEW JERSEY — A couple of Dover, New Jersey police officers are in some pretty hot water after video surfaced online showing them violently arresting a teenager.

The Morristown Daily Record reports that the cops tried to arrest 19-year-old Cyprian Luke outside a convenience store early Sunday.

He had been wanted on charges of assault, violating court orders, and criminal mischief, but Luke's brother Christopher told WABC the cops never mentioned a warrant — they just tackled and pepper sprayed him.

The po-po claims he was resisting arrest, but video recorded at the scene and posted on Facebook shows Luke pinned to the ground on his back and being punched in the face.

While one officer has a hand around the teen's throat, the rest orders him to roll onto his stomach. How he was supposed to do that with another cop's knee pressed to his stomach, we're not exactly sure.

In one clip, Luke's face is bloodied and injured as at least half a dozen cops can be seen pressing the kid to the ground and putting him in handcuffs.

Another clip shows the monsters in blue hoisting him up and dragging him down the street into what looks to be an ambulance. At that point, the poor dude was shoeless, with pants hanging below his waist.

The damning video spread on social media and got people riled up and crying foul. NBC reports that on over 50 people protested outside the Dover Police Department Sunday night, demanding justice.

The Morris County Prosecutor's Office says it's investigating the incident, and has already put three of the officers involved on administrative leave.
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