Police release sketch of suspect, but something smells funny

Police are asking the public if anyone nose anything about the suspect.


NSFW    PERTH, AUSTRALIA — Something smells fishy about a computer-aided sketch of a suspect shared by Western Australia Police. We can't exactly put our nose on it, but something's snot right.
Officers say a 17-year-old boy was just trying to keep his nose clean while walking through a suburb around 5 p.m. last Friday, when the suspect and his partner in crime robbed him.
According to the Metro UK, authorities blew the photo out over social media so see if the public could help pick out noseless suspect, but found a bunch boogers instead.
Two of funniest comments were probably, "I hope somebody nose something that can help," and this gem, "Surely somebody nose this man."
Police didn't mention why the sketch was missing a nose, but they may want to think about sinusing up a new sketch artist.
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