Police officer who was breastfeeding baby promoted

The officer helps out hungry baby by breastfeeding him.


NSFW    BERISSO, ARGENTINA — A police officer who breastfeed a hungry, abandoned baby has been promoted after a picture of her went viral.
According to CNN, Officer Celeste Jaqueline Ayala had recently become a mom. She was on patrol at the Sister Maria Ludovica children's hospital on August 14, when she heard a crying baby.

According to Metro UK, she told local media she noticed he was hungry and putting his hand in his mouth, so she asked hospital staff if she could hug and breastfeed him.

Ayala grabbed a chair and sat down outside the hospital ward and fed the little fellow.

Her partner snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook, but it didn't really go viral until this week.

Because of her selfless and kind-hearted act, she's now been promoted to sergeant.
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