Police officer accused of sexually assaulting woman, keeps his job

It’s not the first time Officer Cai has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman, in fact, it’s the second time, but he still gets to keep his job.


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NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN - A police officer in Taiwan accused of sexually assaulting a 27-year-old woman has finally settled out of court, but the officer in question wasn’t fired.

Cai Bowei, age 28, was accused of forcing a woman to provide him with oral sex in May last year.

The woman, identified by her last name Zhou, had gone to the police station to report her neighbors for drug possession. Officer Cai went to her apartment under the pretense of investigating her report, but then forced her to perform oral sex.

Officer Cai told the woman he was a police officer, he had a gun, and even if she reported him, no one would believe her. Although Officer Cai took his used tissues with him to hide his DNA he forgot to force the woman to scrub out her mouth. The woman preserved a tissue stained with her saliva and DNA tests showed a mixture of her DNA with Officer Cai’s DNA.

Officer Cai has agreed to settle out of court and pay Ms. Zhou USD $30,000.

It’s what he did last time too.

Yup. Three years ago, Officer Cai was accused of sexually molesting a colleague’s pregnant wife. He settled out of court again and paid the couple USD $10,000.

But even after all that, Officer Cai gets to keep his job!
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