Police force mahjong players to carry table down the street

Nothing like some good old Chinese public shaming.


NSFW    THE BEST COUNTRY — So what do you do when you're stuck in your house for a couple of weeks with nothing to do in the greatest country on earth? You play mahjong of course.
The only problem is, getting caught by the authorities means some good old fashioned Cultural Revolution style public shaming.
Footage from Twitter's illegitimate cousin Weibo shows four people from the town of Hexin in Chongqing prefecture having a pleasant stroll down the middle of the street.
Oh yeah, they're also lugging a mahjong table over their shoulders while being followed by a police car.
And to get everyone pumped up and in the proper mood, an officer is kind enough to hope on the loudspeaker and scream super annoyingly that playing mahjong and cards is a no no.
Naturally people were thrilled when the footage was leaked online, so a local government worker had to explain that it was not an example of "parading through the streets" but of "disciplinary action" — by parading them through the streets.
The fun police have actually cracked down on mahjong all over the country amid their latest struggles. Will it work? Wouldn't bet on it.
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