Police dog sniffs out 60 pounds of meth on his first day at work

The police department's newest dog was called into work over the weekend and managed to sniff out 60 pounds of meth stuffed under the car seats.


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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — K-9 Rye was the department's newest addition and has already made quite the impression.

It all started when the officers pulled over a silver 2010 Nissan Rogue in West Covina California for a driving violation.As the officers looked into the car, they found what they believed to be meth on the driver's seat.

They called in the newly recruited K-9 to perform a thorough search of the car where he discovered two hidden compartments where 60 pounds of meth were stored.

The meth was apparently hidden in space underneath the driver and front passenger seat.

Police officers immediately arrested Pedro Lopez for possessing and transporting narcotics, setting the bail at $1 million.

Most people on social media reacted positively and praised the dog for doing an awesome job.

Rye had just received his field certification in narcotic detection in April.
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