Police dog performs CPR on officer wins over audience's hearts

A police dog runs over to jump up and down on the officer's chest after he "collapses."


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

SPAIN — A video of a police dog in Spain rushing to perform CPR on an officer after he collapses to the ground has gone viral.

In the video released by the Policia de Madrid, the police officer falls down to the ground and pretends to be unresponsive while Poncho, the police dog, runs over to him to perform CPR.

Poncho quickly dashes over to the officer on the ground and starts jumping on his chest. He also places its head to the officer's neck to apparently check for his pulse.

The crowd watching starts clapping as the dog continues to do so until the police officer gets up and gives it a treat.

The Policia de Madrid tweeted out praise for Poncho for "not hesitating to save the life" of an officer.
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