Police dog caught on cam stealing toys from charity bin

Cops in Massachusetts were amused to discover that their very own police dog was the culprit behind Christmas toy thefts in the precinct.


NSFW    FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS — A police therapy dog may have landed himself on Santa's naughty list after being caught stealing from the charity bin.

According to the BBC, the Franklin Police Department had been collecting toys for the Santa Foundation, which donates presents to needy families on Christmas.

For some reason though, the toys kept disappearing, so the cops started to look into it.

It didn't take long to figure out that the Christmas toy thief was one of their own – a furry four-legged pup named Ben Franklin.

Officers caught the adorable golden retriever red-handed, carrying a toy baby in a carrier through the station.

Turns out Ben had thought the toys were his, and had been hoarding them in his secret lair beneath a desk.

Franklin Police Deputy Chief James Mil says Ben has since been banned from the collection room. All the toys he took were also replaced after he got slobber all over them.

We're just kidding about the naughty list, Ben. You're still a good boy!
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