Police detain Indian-American woman and ask if she's illegal

She was just walking near her Bel Air, Maryland home on Dec. 21 last year when police began questioning her immigration status


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BEL-AIR, MARYLAND — An Indian-American woman was going for her daily walk near her Bel Air home on Dec. 21 last year when the cops rolled up and asked if she was in the U.S. illegally.

According to Maryland newspaper the Baltimore Sun, Aravinda Pillalamarri, 47, asked officers why she was stopped and they told her someone had called the cops.

“Walking while brown?"Pillalamarri, then asked.

Next, a senior officer arrived and told her she was under criminal investigation. She didn’t have any ID with her at the time, which prompted the officer to ask her if she was in the U.S. illegally. However, after they checked her name against the system, she was allowed to leave, reported the Baltimore Sun.

Pillalamarri has lived in the area for 30 years, and came to the U.S. as child from India. She told her story recently at a town hall to raise awareness of civil rights, reported U.S. based Indian newspaper Indian West.
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