Police dash-cam video shows intense Iowa shootout

Iowa police have just released intense dash cam footage of a shootout that took place in Maquoketa earlier this month.


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Iowa police have released dash cam footage of the shootout involving Aaron Edward Scott and a police officer in Maquoketa earlier this month.

Officer Brendan Zeimet approached a truck, parked on the wrong side of the road with it’s lights off at around 3 a.m on April 1.

Scott, 30, of Wyoming, Iowa, reportedly stepped out of the vehicle wielding an SKS assault rifle and fired rounds at Officer Zeimet, who returned fire before taking cover behind his squad car.

Scott fled the scene after being shot in the leg. He evaded officers’ pursuit, but rolled his pickup truck on a dirt road in Clinton County. He survived the crash, but died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. In addition to the assault rifle, police found a .308 deer rifle, a shotgun, and a handgun in his vehicle.

Scott reportedly had an argument with his girlfriend earlier that night and then called his estranged wife who went to his home and found the guns and ammunition missing. Scott left a note indicating that he planned to die that evening.

Scott was allegedly involved in a separate shooting incident in 2007, but no charges were filed. Despite having a history of DUI arrests, mental health problems, and alcohol abuse issues, all weapons were legally owned and possessed by Scott.

Officer Ziemet, a 13-year veteran on the force, was shot in the arm during the shootout. He was put on paid leave following the incident but was expected to return to active duty earlier this week.
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