Police and firefighters rescue horse from frozen pond

Authorities were called after the animal took a fall into a very, very cold pond.


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RAY TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN — Police footage shows the moment Michigan deputies and firefighters help save a trapped horse's life.

According to a post on the Macomb County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, the animal took a fall inside an ice covered pond.

Police say they responded to the call at 9.30 am Wednesday December 13 at a residence in Ray Township. Deputies tried to help the horse out with ropes, but the animal couldn't get it's leg on top of the ice.

During the course of their rescue, one of the officers actually fell into the icy pond with the horse. The officer quickly got back out and managed to continue working to save the horse. He wasn't hurt.

They eventually pulled the horse out after breaking parts of the ice where it was struggling. Police say the animal was seen by a vet and was uninjured.
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