Pokémon cards sell for over $100,000 at auction

That's a pretty penny just to catch 'em all.


NSFW    RUNNEMEDE, NEW JERSEY — A complete set of first-edition Pokémon cards from 1999 actually sold for $107,010 at auction.
According to CNBC, the 103 card collection was sold in mint condition and included a rare Charizard card, which supposedly can sell for up to $20,000.
The set was a collection of first-edition cards printed in English.
Auction house Goldin Auctions said in the listing on its website that each card was graded at GEM-MT 10, which we all know stands for Gem Mint. In plain English that means the cards are in near perfect condition.
CNBC reports the bidding started at $25,000, with the set receiving 12 bids before the auction closed on Saturday.
According to the auction house listing, "for many Millenials, the original 1999 Pokémon video and card games remain a staple of their childhood, providing what seems like a lost art in a nostalgic feeling."
According to CNBC, the auction house said a similar Pokémon set was sold in December 2017 for just under $100,000.
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