PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds may get banned in China

Survival video game Battlegrounds may not be able to officially launch in China after regulators complained it was violent, bloody, and against Chinese core values.


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BEIJING — PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds may be a smash hit everywhere in the world, but leave it to China to take aim at the survival video game's violent content.

CNN reports that gameplay in Battlegrounds is in the style of Hunger Games or Battle Royale. It starts with players parachuting into a desert island, scavenging for all sorts of weapons, and then fighting each other to the death. Last man standing wins!

Despite not yet officially launching in China, the game already has a sizeable chunk of Chinese players.

But with regulators complaining of too much blood and gore, it looks like Battlegrounds won't be getting a license anytime soon.

If it does, expect it to be heavily cut and censored to fit 'socialist core values and traditional Chinese culture.' Hmm, fun.

The Chinese copyright association may not be a fan of violently competitive games, but better violent in a game than in real life, which might be the case if the players get fed up with their policing.
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