Playboy to introduce digital cryptocurrency wallet

Playboy is joining the cryptocurrency craze, with a new digital wallet that supports the Vice Industry Token and other virtual currencies.


NSFW    BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA — Playboy is jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, and will soon be accepting virtual currency in exchange for their services.

In a press release put out by the company, they announced they were creating a digital wallet that supports the Vice Industry token and other crypto payments, for people eager to plop down a premium on adult content.

Customers can stop worrying about credit card statements revealing their illicit online activities, since anonymity is the name of the crypto game.

The Vice token even takes it a step further with a rewards program. Users get paid to access content, while advertisers find out exactly how to hit their audience's sweet spot. Win-win!

Playboy's digital wallet is set to be available before the end of the year, and might even be integrated into their gaming, AR, and VR initiatives.

Cryptocurrency and adult entertainment may seem like a match made in heaven, but the industry hasn't been all that into it. But with Playboy breaking the ice, that might change soon enough.
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