Plastic surgery on the rise as teens want to resemble filtered selfies

Researchers say young people's self esteem are becoming lower as they view filtered images online.


NSFW    BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — More patients are getting cosmetic surgery to look like their "filtered" self online, reports CBS News.

It is common nowadays to see people taking selfies of themselves, and then editing it before uploading it onto social media.

There are a ton of apps such as photo retouching apps which let people do things such as smoothing out their skin to whitening their teeth, to changing their facial features.

The researchers say young people's self-esteem is getting lower as a result, with people viewing filtered images of friends, families, and celebrities.

This phenomenon — now dubbed as Snapchat dysmorphia — has people requesting cosmetic surgeons for fuller lips, bigger eyes, or thinner nose, in order to look like the online version of themselves.

The authors of the study say social media is altering people's perception of beauty worldwide and is making people "lose touch with reality."

They also added that clinicians should understand the impact of social media on people's self-esteem "to better treat and counsel their patients."
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