Pit bulls attack woman as she walks her dog in Whiskeytown, California

Chrisi Darrington said she had just let her border collie off its leash on the shores of Whiskeytown Lake when she said three pit bulls came bounding over a nearby bank.


NSFW    WHISKEYTOWN, CALIFORNIA — A California woman has told of her traumatic experience after she and her pet pooch were ambushed by three vicious pit bulls while enjoying a stroll near Whiskeytown Lake on Friday.

Chrisi Darrington told Action News Now she had just let her border collie, Lucy, off her leash on the shores of the picturesque park when she said three pit bulls came bounding over a nearby bank.

The alpha dog of the pack then grabbed her collie around the neck and dragged it to the floor.

Darrington used her dog's leash to beat the attack dog until it eventually let go.

In the end, she and Lucy had to get into the water to feel safe.

Darrington said the owner of the three dogs then showed up to take the dogs away, offering a nonchalant apology to an enraged Darrington, who had to scream at her to take her dogs away so she could get out of the lake's cold water.

Darrington, who didn't manage to get the name of the other dog owner, said the park should have some sort of regulation about keeping such dogs on a leash. Lucy has now recovered from the ordeal.
Chrisi Darrington was walking her pet border collie, Lucy, near the picturesque lake when the three pit bulls attacked. ACTION NEWS NOW
The pit bulls grabbed Lucy around the neck, leaving a few puncture wounds. The dog is now recovering. ACTION NEWS NOW
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