Pilot heroically saves tourist in paragliding accident in India

The paraglider snapped in mid-air during a flight in West Bengal.


NSFW    KALIMPONG, INDIA — A paragliding pilot heroically saved the life of a tourist after their paraglider snapped mid-flight.
According to Next Shark, 32-year-old tourist Gaurav Choudhary was enjoying his paragliding flight, capturing the experience with a selfie stick.
According to the Times of India, 22-year-old pilot Purushottam Timsina and Choudhary were making their way down for a landing.
Witnesses said they saw the pilot try a complicated maneuver when a part of the glider tore off.
Choudhary's video captures the moment the pair start plummeting toward the ground after a harness strap breaks mid-air.
The footage shows the pilot grabbing hold of Choudhary as they spin out of control from hundreds of feet up in the air.
The two end up getting tangled in some pine trees before crash-landing on the roof of a house.
Unfortunately, the pilot didn't make it. Choudhary was also pretty banged up suffering a broken leg and is now recovering in the hospital.
Paragliding activities have been suspended for the moment in Kalimpong as authorities conduct an investigation into the incident.
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