Pigeon poops on lawmaker complaining about bird dookie

And that's what you get.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

CHICAGO — A Windy City politician harping about Chicago's "pigeon poop station" really got dumped on while giving an interview about the mess the birds were making of the L station.

According to CBS 2, pigeons are a massive nuisance around the Irving Park Blue Line station.
Their dookie and feathers constantly cover the sidewalk commuters need to use make it to the station.
CBS 2 reported that Democratic state Rep. Jaime Andrade for the past year has been trying to get lawmakers to deal with all the doo doo.
On Tuesday, Andrade was giving an interview to CBS 2 at the station, while at the same time badmouthing the pigeons.
Well, let's just say the pigeons dropped an instant rebuttal mid interview—right into Andrade's hair.
Talking to the CBS reporter, Andrade hilariously replied, "Did I just get…? I did, didn't I?"
Yes you did Rep. Andrade. Yes, you did.
Why is it so difficult to make a successful moon landing?

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