Photoshop tool reveals your secrets


NSFW    So most of us know that magazine photos and other ads are very heavily photoshopped. If you see a beauty ad and there are no pores, no veins in the eyes, not an eyelash out of place... then that person has been photoshopped way too much. And people are saying there needs to be some regulation on this type of nonsense. They say it's making women feel they need to look like the photoshopped version of ANgelina Jolie if anyone will ever love them.

In '03, Kate Winslet said her photoshopped photos in British GQ made her look like a stick figure. And this summer, L'Oréal pulled ads of Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington due to complaints that they were creating unrealistic expectations for their anti-aging products.

A proposal called "The Self Esteem Act" was introduced this August in the US. It demands that photoshopped photos have "truth in advertising" labels on them. And researchers at Dartmouth College are working on a program that can detect changes in photos and videos and rate the level of change from 1-5.
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