Photo of dog with a bag of dog food after Hurricane Harvey goes viral

After Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas, photo of a dog with a bag of dog food on its mouth in Sinton was shared on Facebook, where it went viral.


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SINTON, TEXAS — As Hurricane Harvey swept through Texas, a lost dog in Texas showed it takes more than a raging storm to beat it.

According to Houston Chronicle, before Hurricane Harvey's landfall Friday night, Sinton resident Salvador Segovia left his grandson's German shepherd mix, Otis, in his screened-in back porch. When Segovia went to check on Otis later, he was gone.

Segovia checked his porch next day morning and noticed Otis' bag of dog food was missing. Segovia went looking for the dog, and was told by a neighbor that they saw Otis strolling around with a bag of dog food in mouth.

Fortunately, Segovia was able to track down the dog's whereabouts and bring him home before his grandson returned. A neighbor named Tiele Dockens saw Otis thought he was stray, took a snap of him strolling around with the dog food and uploaded it to Facebook where the image went viral.

According to Segovia, Otis is loved by the folks in Sinton and he's been helpful to Segovia's 5-year-old grandson, who often goes to the hospital for seizures and asthma.
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