Phone finder app saves crash victim's life in San Jose

The phone finder function on your mobile might not only recover your lost device, it can help rescuers find you when you are lost and in trouble.


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If you don’t have the “phone finder” function turned on in your mobile device, you may want to fix that. It could save more than your phone.

Melissa Vasquez was driving on San Jose’s Mount Hamilton on Monday roadway when
she went off the road, careened 1,500 feet down the ravine, flipped over and was thrown from her car, unable to move or rescue herself.

Vasquez’s parents reported her missing 11 hours later, but her car’s OnStar navigation sent rescuers to two locations, both far off in the city from where she lay next to her overturned vehicle.

So police officer David Cameron asked to use her iPad, the password to which he guessed on the third try. Then, using the Find My iPhone app, he was able to pinpoint Melissa’s location.

She was airlifted to safety 19 hours after her accident occurred with injuries to her leg and abdomen, but she’ll live.
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