Philadelphia Eagles Riley Cooper drops N bomb at concert


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Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper went to a Kenny Chesney concert at Lincoln Financial Field on June 9th and thought it would be a good idea to drop the N bomb after being denied access backstage.

In a video released by Philadelphia sports blog Crossing Broad taken during the concert, Cooper points to the crowd in the concert and says “I will jump that fence and fight every ni**er here, bro!” Apparently Riley got super pissed because he wasn’t allowed backstage like some of the other players that actually had backstage passes.

The video quickly went viral and within hours Riley was on Twitter trying to apologize. “I am so ashamed and disgusted with myself,” Cooper said over Twitter and in a statement released by the Eagles. “I want to apologize. I have been offensive. I have apologized to my coach, to Jeffrey Lurie, to Howie Roseman and to my teammates. I owe an apology to the rans and to this community. I am so ashamed, but there are no excuses. What I did was wrong and I will accept the consequences.” Sure Riley.

Cooper’s excuse was that he was drinking all day when he launched the N bomb at an African-American security guard at the concert. Cooper said that he was already fined by the Eagles. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said, “We are shocked and appalled by Riley Cooper’s words. This sort of behavior or attitude from anyone has no role in a civil society. He has accepted responsibility for his words and his actions. He has been fined for this incident.” Sure Jeffrey.

Good news for Cooper, there aren’t many black players in the NFL. Cooper should have a fun time in the Eagles locker room and on the field next season, but what we’re wondering is how did that security guard make it through a country music concert?
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