PETA wants Tinder to ban tiger selfies on app

Animal rights organization PETA is calling on Tinder to ban tiger selfies on dating app Tinder, which they claim supports animal cruelty.


NSFW    SYDNEY — With International Tiger Day coming up, PETA has set its sights on protecting pussies on Tinder — big orange striped ones, that is.

Tiger selfies on Tinder are apparently a thing, with Instagram accounts and blogs dedicated to documenting this oddly specific fad.

But while Tinderlings may seem amused, everyone's favorite animal rights group is swiping left and screaming animal cruelty.

The people at PETA Australia sent a letter to Tinder head honcho Sean Rad, asking him to ban tiger selfies on the dating app, as the seemingly harmless snaps unintentionally promote the abusive animal tourism industry.

According to the letter, baby tigers are separated from their mothers and kept in squalid, stressful conditions. When they get older and more dangerous, they're locked up in cages or kept heavily sedated.

To drive the point home, PETA even quipped that snapping a selfie with a tiger is pretty much the same as uploading a photo of someone you dominated, drugged, and tied up.

No news yet on whether Tinder will actually do as they're told, but for the many users at risk of losing their profile pic, dog and cat selfies are still fair game, so have at.
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