Pet dogs dragged from home, beaten to death in front of owner

A 70-year-old man in China had his pet dogs dragged out and beaten to death with sticks by officials on a culling mission.


NSFW    DONGTAI, CHINA — Chinese officials in Dongtai mercilessly killed two adopted strays, right in front of their horrified owner.

China News reports that on July 11, uniformed men reportedly stormed the home of a 70-year-old man surnamed Chen and dragged his two pet dogs out. The men were armed with wooden clubs and viciously beat both dogs to death.

Chen was then instructed to carry his dead pets to a nearby post, so the men could snap a photo showing they were strays.

Photos and videos of the gruesome scene went viral on Chinese social media, but have since been taken down.

Local police later released a statement saying residents had complained about the vicious dogs, and that Chen voluntarily chose to have them killed after officials explained the situation to him.

What’s more likely is that the men were part of a dedicated dog-catching team for Dongtai, and reportedly got 100 yuan for every dog killed. The culling mission was carried out in an effort for the municipality to be named a clean and civilized city.

Pretty sure beating an animal to death isn’t a civilized thing to do in most parts of the world, but maybe they’ve got different standards in Dongtai.
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